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What does Fiji mean to you?

Perhaps a memorable island holiday, the chance to escape to a luxurious resort, or a picture postcard destination with miles of idyllic golden sand and swaying coconut trees.

For almost 1 million people the beautiful islands of Fiji are home. But for many, life is no holiday and even the very basics of life are out of reach.

Home is a basic shelter with no power or water. The family must grow everything it needs to eat, and cash income may amount to only a few dollars a week.

Despite the number of families living below the bread line, education is not free in Fiji. The cost of school fees, uniforms, shoes and books means that for many children, completing their education is an impossible dream.

But without an education, another generation will be trapped in poverty.

That's where Fiji Kids comes in!

Fiji Kids! Learning for Life is a grassroots charity providing financial assistance to help the neediest children attend school. Click here to view our Certificate of Incorporation.

Learning for Life refers to the commitment sponsors are asked to make in supporting a child for the duration of their primary and secondary education.

Fiji Kids! Learning for Life operates primarily in eight school districts in the Sigatoka Valley, on the south western coast of the main island of Viti Levu.


Children are selected by local Head Masters on the basis of acute financial hardship and the child's commitment to learning, regardless of academic performance.

Our charity was founded by concerned local citizens, following recent catastrophic floods when the livelihoods of the most vulnerable in the region were completely wiped out, leaving even more children without the means to attend school.

You can make a lifetime of difference.

Through your sponsorship of a Fiji Kid you will make a lifetime of difference. Your regular monthly donation will allow us to reach needy kids and cover school fees, uniforms, books [and even bus fares where required] so that your sponsored child can get the education they deserve.

You can help by sponsoring a child