Fields are underwater, destroying crops that provide income and food for families

Emergency Food Hamper Appeal

Fijians need your help more than ever.

Fijians walking through muddy waste high flood waters.

Sigatoka Valley Road where many of our families live. The High School is in the background.

Another Cyclone is Approaching

Severe flooding is affecting the Sigatoka Valley after 3 feet (over 900mm) of rain fell in the past 24 hours as another cyclone approaches. The Sigatoka River has broken its banks, flooding farms and villages and destroying crops. Families are losing their entire livelihood as well as the ability to feed themselves. This devastating weather comes as a brutal blow on top of the job losses, price increases and economic catastrophe that has impacted Fiji due to Covid-19.

How you can help

You can help by donating to our Emergency Food Hamper Appeal. Each hamper is a family sized box of nutritional basics and costs AUD$85. Our aim is to deliver to 100 affected families as soon as roads open.